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How to brush your teeth effectively?

Jul 15, 2019
How to brush your teeth effectively?
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Everyone knows that we should brush our teeth… BUT are we doing it effectively?

We all know to brush & floss at least twice a day but even after putting in the effort to brush, some people still end up will teeth and gum problems. A good brushing technique will go a long way and improve your oral hygiene tremendously.

Firstly, get a toothbrush with a moderate to small size to fit in between your cheek and teeth. Make sure you are able to access the teeth at the back.

It is also good to get a toothbrush with soft bristles. If you brush with a lot of strength and with hard bristles…. Your teeth may end up like this

This is due to the heavy friction between your brush, tooth and gums.

Next place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. You only need a little toothpaste when you brush your teeth. The technique which is used to brush your teeth is more important!


Now angle your brush 45 degrees towards your gum line. This is so that we are able to brush away the food debris which are stuck in between the teeth and gums.
Brush in circular motion and sweep towards the edge of the tooth.
Repeat this motion for every tooth, on every surface.


Brighter Smile, Brighter You

Jun 13, 2019
Brighter Smile, Brighter You
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Whats is teeth bleaching? How does it work? 

Teeth whitening, also know as teeth bleaching, is a conservative and effective method to lighten discolored teeth. Through introduction of mild concentration of hydrogen peroxide that interacts with organic chromophores within the tooth structure, altering their optical properties and reducing their stain appearance.




Is bleaching safe?

Bleaching is generally safe, but some patient may experience some tooth sensitivity after bleaching. But this can be resolve by applying some desensitizing agent mainly containing fluoride. 

How long does it last?

One of the most popular question being asked when talk about bleaching. But honestly, there is no exact answer to it. As different patient has different teeth properties and having different lifestyles that may affect the lasting of the treatment. So, it is always advisable to maintain your teeth by using whitening home-kit and whitening toothpaste.


What is the normal teeth color?

The enamel is blueish white color, and also somewhat translucent. The yellowish color of the tooth is due to the yellow dentine beneath, it shows through to make the overall color of the teeth either light grey or light yellow. 




What are the causes of color changes in teeth?

Extrinsic stain— commonly due to residue on enamel surface and can be seen more obvious by pitting or irregularities of the enamel. As the enamel comes into contact with the things you eat and drink daily, pigments get stained on it.

Example: coffee, tea, tobacco, colas, red wine, few fruits etc


Intrinsic stain — teeth can become stained and discolored before they even erupt, when the tooth structure itself is altered by discoloring agent. 

Example: antibiotic tetracycline, excessive fluoride intake, trauma etc


Aging — due to loss of the translucent enamel layer and thickening of the yellowish dentin layer, creating an older-looking tooth.



Clear Aligner, Trend of the New Era

Jun 13, 2019
Clear Aligner, Trend of the New Era
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What are clear aligners?

Clear, removable appliances that are custom-made to tightly fit over the teeth. They are used to move teeth and align jaws to create a healthy, beautiful smile. 



How does aligners work?

Patient will be examined by an orthodontist first. Diagnostic records such as: x-rays, photographs, and impressions or digital scans of teeth are taken. Based on the information, the orthodontist will plan the treatment process - which tooth moves where, and in what order. The computer will also decide how many aligners you need in order to move the teeth in the direction required.You’ll be fitted for several versions of the aligners that make slight adjustment and giving slight force to move your teeth over the treatment time.

It is highly recommended that aligners be worn 22 hours daily, and to only remove during eating, brushing and flossing. 







Why aligner instead of braces?

Clear aligners are next-to-invisible and no brackets or wires are used, giving a pleasant look during the treatment period. Brackets often result in multiple ulcers in the mouth, something that rarely occurs with clear aligner. Clear aligner wearers are also able to clean more effectively as they can easily remove the aligner during eating, brushing and flossing. 




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