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Root Canal Treatment 牙根治疗

Root Canal Treatment 牙根治疗 Root Canal Therapy

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure used to treat teeth that have been damaged or diseased, root canal treatment is a modern endodontic treatment in adults which aim to remove the infected pulp (blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue) from an infected tooth to save it from being extracted. This will extend the life of the tooth. Your teeth are precious and you should do what you can to take care of them.

Why is root canal treatment so important?

It allows us to save your natural tooth which is the best option for patients compared to a man-made, synthetic material. Form and function is maintained and no extra cleaning technique is required. Tactile sensation is also maintained with your own teeth unlike implants and dentures.

When do you possibly need Root Canal Treatment?
  1. Infected pulp
  2. Non- vital tooth
What to expect during root canal treatment?

The pulp tissue is removed from the pulp chamber. The root canal(s) is prepared, rinsed, filled and sealed. A crown should be placed subsequently to increase the longevity of the tooth.

Is root canal treatment painful ?

Root canal treatment itself should not be painful because you would be numb. Sometimes when you are already in immense pain, after root canal treatment we would advice you take some painkillers. The intensity of the pain should slowly settle after root canal treatment.

How long can my tooth last after root canal treatment?

Every person and tooth is different. There are also many factors that affect the longevity of the tooth. Your dentist will give you an approximate number!

Is crown necessary after root canal treatment?

Following root canal treatment, tooth will be weaker as all the pulp are removed.
The general rule of thumb is that a dental crown will need to be placed over a tooth that has just received a root canal treatment if the tooth is a premolar or one of the back grinding teeth. These teeth need to be strong as they are use in our daily chewing. When a crown is placed over a weak tooth, it can provide the extra strength the tooth needs so that it can continue doing the job it is supposed to do. 

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